Loving the sessions with Laura. She provides bespoke classes adapted to my level and goals, with new poses and tips every time to spice up the class. I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my flexibility and muscle definition. Great workout for body and mind.“– Clementine, South London

We have enjoyed our yoga sessions with Laura. She perceptively understands and tailors our classes to meet our needs, providing us with an opportunity to progress in ways that are suitable to our personal requirements. Thank you for inspiring us to become stronger, more balanced and calm, Laura.” – A couple, Fulham

I have just finished my first course of sessions with Laura and having started as a complete novice am totally converted. Each session has left me feeling invigorated as well as calm and has without doubt cleared up a long running back problem. Laura is patient and calm yet exudes enthusiasm, I could not recommend her more highly.” – Christopher, Fulham

As a complete beginner to yoga I was a little nervous before my first session, but Laura completely put me at my ease right from the start. I have a previous injury and so have never been able to attend a group yoga class, but during the one-to-one sessions with Laura we have discovered which poses I can actually manage, and Laura adapts other poses specifically to suit my circumstances. She is always calm and patient, encouraging me to go a little bit further each time, but never pushing me beyond my limits. I leave each session feeling relaxed, positive and refreshed. I can’t recommend her enough!” – Rebecca, Croydon


“Laura is an amazing teacher. Her dynamic yoga style gives lots of fun and challenges which I found so helpful. She is very understanding and pays attention to everyone no matter what level you are. I highly recommend her and have fun!” – Erica Choi

“I’ve been practicing with Laura for nearly 3 years now, her classes are always challenging but fun and light-hearted too – they are 100% my favourite and I always look forward to them.”  – Jade Purdy

“Laura’s classes offer a chance for all yogi’s to stretch themselves (no pun intended) and with her gentle encouragement I’ve been able to deepen my own practice.” – Robin Herd

“Laura is an enthusiastic and well practiced instructor. Her clearly taught, well demonstrated and positive classes leave everyone in a better mood than before.” – James Birchall

“Laura’s classes are relaxed yet intense, as a complete beginner, she makes me feel comfortable whilst taking into account everyone else’s ability. I hugely recommend Laura’s teaching and I’m looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with her!” – Henry Andrew

“Laura is very good at encouraging you to really develop your yoga skills and can tailor her class to multiple abilities. She really engages in the class and assists you build on previous techniques.” – Gary Davison

“A regular gym-goer, I started yoga only a few months ago. At first I had my doubts whether yoga would be the right thing for me, but Laura soon convinced me. Own Yoga offers a well-balanced mix of strengthening, stretching, balance and relaxation, and Laura manages to make every class feel fresh, with constantly varying exercises. I can thoroughly recommend it.” – Jan Friedlein

“I love Laura’s classes because they are always varied and  we are learning new things all the time. They are challenging and feel like a real workout but I also always feel very relaxed at the end – the head massage is amazing.” – April Shackley

“Laura’s yoga session is something I look forward to after a long day of work. Her lesson allows for all levels to improve at their own pace, some weeks are harder than the other but overall enjoyable and very rewarding. She’s supportive and very friendly, which makes it easier if you’re new in her class. And she gives the best head massage at the end!” – Fritzie Manoy

Public Classes

“Laura’s yoga classes are second to none, her ability to ease you into yoga whilst motivating you to practise with confidence and passion made my life in London bearable. For an hour a week, I escape and find time to work on my inner self, and find peace within yoga- thanks to Laura. She is an outstanding and enlightening yoga instructor. I am very thankful to her for improving my practise.” – Alisha (Fitness First)

“Laura is a wonderfully engaging and vibrant yoga instructor. She perfectly balances the more intense moments of yoga with the poses that feel good, giving everyone a variety in the class. She cares lots about each and every class which makes each class something to look forward to.” – David (Fitness First)