I have always loved books, but my reading has always been directed at fiction. At least until I started my yoga journey. It took me a while before I took a step towards the open world of “yoga books”, because I have no idea which books I should choose. When I did my teacher training, I received a list of books to read. I didn’t read all of them because it was a lot for me – reading in English, especially non-fiction books, wasn’t easy – but it opened the door. Now I almost only read this type of book and don’t really have time to read fiction (but it is such a pleasure to read a little fiction in my mother tongue! I appreciate it more.)

I started to write book reviews in my newsletter to maybe give some reading ideas to my students and I thought it would be nice to share it widely. So here we go, let’s have a little blog, where people could share their opinions as well.



  • Travelling around the world… from your home

    Travelling around the world… from your home

    “The Goddess Pose” by Michelle Goldberg It’s a book about Indra Devi, the first famous Yogini and female Yoga Teacher, even Guru. What a fantastic fulfilled life! Reading this book was like travelling through time and around the world: from 1899 to 2002, from Russia to Berlin, from Shanghai to …Read More »
  • Are you a fighter?

    Are you a fighter?

    Some of you may have heard about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). If not, it’s basically (sorry for the very short description) a combat sport, where 2 opponents fight in a cage and almost everything is allowed to beat your opponent. I honestly think it’s one of the most violent combat …Read More »
  • Look into your fears

    Look into your fears

    I have wanted to talk about one book for a couple of months already, and now it seems much more appropriate. In this current situation, most of us feel worried or scared. And that’s fine and natural because it is scary. We are facing something we don’t know, something we …Read More »
  • Practicing gratitude

    Practicing gratitude

    Let’s talk about one book I use often during my classes, especially during my retreat. I love this book, it’s very beautiful and poetic, and it often inspires me. I was introduced to it years ago when I was on a mentoring course, and it found its way back to …Read More »
  • How’s your meditation journey?

    How’s your meditation journey?

    Personally, I haven’t taken any new resolution in January, but keep going with previous ones. One of these is to go deeper in my meditation journey. And it’s not easy to do: like everyone else in this busy live, finding 10-20 minutes for my meditation is a daily fight. But …Read More »

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