Relationship between the mind and the body

I would like to introduce you to 3 books I really enjoyed reading and which have been very inspiring.  These 3 books, despite their differences in subject matter, are related through their vision on the relationship between the mind and the body. I think they make a good combination.

The first one “Letting go – The pathway of surrender” by David R. Hawkins. This book presents a Letting go technique, but beyond that it also explains our emotions and what is behind them. It’s a good mirror of our behaviour and so we can be more aware of our Self. Reading that booking was very interesting due to all the emotions it gave me, from detachment, anger, joy, enlightenment, happiness, freedom, guilt, total disagreement or full agreement. I also noticed how it’s easier to recognise the emotions of others than our own . The theory behind it is we can heal from most of our health issues by letting go of our emotions.




The second is “Healing back pain – The Mind-Body Connection” by John E. Sarno. The author wrote several books after this one and all of them are worth reading. I recommend this book to anyone with chronic pain. The author explains how stress, anxiety and other repressed emotions can be responsible for our chronic pain. I read that book years ago, so my memory is faded, but it’s an easy book to read which can open some doors to understanding how the relationship mind and body works.





The third is “the molecules of emotion” by Candace Pert. This is a scientific part of the relationship between mind and body. It’s very interesting. The author explains how our emotions create some molecules and how it works. I think it’s brilliant work and a brilliant book. However, the author talks a lot about herself and her journey through the US laboratory system. If it helps to understand better her work, for me it was quite frustrating because I was expecting more scientific explanations and demonstrations and less about her life and how hard it was to be a female researcher. It remains  very good.

I hope these books might help you to understand better the relationship between your mind and your body. However, please note I am not saying you will heal from all your health issues by reading these 3 books. I am just giving you some reading suggestions, that’s all 😉


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