Holistic Wellness Day Retreats on a Boat – Yoga + Sound bath + Workshop

I am very pleased to teach the outside Yoga session of this 6 hours of peacefulness & self-connection.

The Yoga session will be held outside in the nature nearby a waterfall (if the weather allows it), the sound bath and the workshop will be held on a boat on the River Lee.

Description: Work with 3 highly experienced therapists in an insight environment immersed in nature to enhance your physical health & self-awareness and soothe through sound in the 3 separate but combined workshops of this Day Retreat along & within River Lee. By the end of these workshops you will also have learnt tools to understand and deal with modern life symptoms. Such learning would be achieved through a series of breathing exercices, soothing sounds & small group interactions.


You can choose the morning session (9 am-2.45 pm) or the afternoon one (3.15 pm-9 pm)

Saturday 21st July at River Lee, Clapton’s Middlesex Filter Beds, E5

New client offer: £65 (am session) OR £55 (pm session).
(£90 per session afterwards)
Booking is required (only 7 participants for a tranquil environment)

For more information or book please contact Francesco at fayretheretreat@gmail.com, or Facebook page FAYRE the Retreat.