New workshop program for cyclists and/or runners 

Cycling and running are very intense activities for the body. Repeating the same movement over and over again creates tensions and stiffness, which can lead to bad posture and chronic pain (or even injury) in different parts of the body.

In this program, divided across 3 separate workshops, we will spend time trying to understand what can go wrong and why. We will see how we can use Yoga to help, with some specific poses adapted to the needs of runners and cyclists. By testing your range of movement, exploring and understanding your body, you will be able to target your own needs and set up you own yoga sequence.

Each workshop can be attended individually. However, for a better understanding and efficiency, we would recommend participating in all three. Each workshop will include a warm-up for the whole body (vinyasa flow style) and a relaxation at the end.

The first workshop will be focused on understanding why and how yoga can help runners and cyclists in both their sport and daily life. We will undergo a range of movement tests to target your specific needs. We will pay more attention to those “forgotten” parts of the body: the upper body part, especially the back and stability core.

After a quick review of our previous work, the second workshop will focus on the anterior chain of the body (psoas, hip flexors, quads, etc.) and the groin.

The third workshop will focus on the posterior chain of the body (hamstrings, abductors, gluteus, etc.). You will finish the program by designing your own Yoga sequence, which you could include in your training program.

When: First Date: Saturday 1th June 2019

Time: 3-5.30 pm

Where: Samsara Mind and body (Earlsfield)

Price: £35  | £30 early bird* (*Book before the 18th May 2019)

Book online at or call 0208 874 4500 / email:


Yin Workshop

Let’s move from Spring to Summer – from the wood element to the fire. Spring is the time when, charged full of new energy, we look forward to the future with optimism and excitement, whereas Summer is the season of abundance when nature is in full bloom and reaches maturity.

The theme of this yin workshop will lead us to explore the emotion of joy, through reading some inspirational extracts and activating some specific meridians. For this, we will work on different parts of the body such as the groin, gluteus & IT band, arms and upper body.

By holding the poses for a long period of time in a relaxing way, yin yoga practice works on the connective tissue or the so-called fascia. It allows the body (deep tissue and joints) and the mind to relax and to release the tension.

When: Sunday 9th June 2019

Time: 3-5 pm

Where: Samsara Mind and body (Earlsfield)

Price: £30  | £25 early bird* (*Book before the 26th May 2019)

Book online at or call 0208 874 4500 / email:


Mini Yoga Retreat

Saturday 15th June 

For more information please visit Mini Yoga Retreat page


Mandala – 360 Degree Hips Workshop

The pelvis has been referred as “the junk drawer of emotions”, and loosening up the hips allows us to release deeply trapped emotions. But it also eases backpain, allows for deeper breathing and improves circulation to organs.

To get the hips unstuck and rediscover flexibility and good mobility, through a Mandala Vinyasa sequence using specific Asanas and transitions, this workshop will focus on strengthening, opening and stretching the hips through 360 degrees. We will finish with some Yin Yoga poses to complete the circle.

When: Saturday 13th July 2019

Time: 3-5 pm

Where: YogaWorks (Wandsworth)

More information will come soon.