Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop 


Let’s enjoy Autumn and “letting go”. Autumn is the time of the year when energies become more introspective. It’s the time to let go of anything we are holding on to. Like trees let go of the old leaves, which go back into the Earth, enriching it for the new harvest.

The theme of this yin workshop will lead us to explore the emotion of grief and sadness, through reading some inspirational extracts and activating some specific meridians. For this, we will work on different parts of the body such as hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and the upper body. This workshop will be perfect if you have stiff upper body and shoulders.

By holding the poses for a long period of time in a relaxing way, yin yoga practice works on the connective tissue or the so-called fascia. It allows the body (deep tissue and joints) and the mind to relax and to release the tension.


When:  Sunday 1st November at 3 pm

Duration: 2 hrs

Fees: £12


To book please book online here or contact me