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The Art of Transition in Vinyasa Flow

The “in between” moments. Do you have the tendency to rush from one asana (yoga pose) to another, from one place to another, from home to work, from work to your yoga class? In our busy life and city, we are always rushing, and not paying attention to these “in between” moments. And we reproduce the same pattern on our mat. We focus our attention on the next pose and ignore the transitional moments and movements in between our poses. We try to avoid the uncomfortable places in our yoga practice in order to get to the final pose and enjoy the glory of it… according our ego.
Paying attention to the transitions is paying attention to the journey, to what is happening in our body, is to be fully present. Yes, transitions in yoga, as in life, can be hard. They challenge our brains and our bodies, our strength and our balance. Learning how to slow down in the transitional movements, builds our strength, opens and prepares our minds and bodies for the next pose.
As we tune in to transitional moments, we create the sense that the whole continuum of our practice can be a seamless process. The whole practice becomes meditative.
In this workshop, we will work by mini sequences, from basic to more playful and creative transitions through some transitions to more advanced asanas. We will learn how to follow and use the breath to ease the transitional movements.
Even though all levels are welcome, a minimum amount of Vinyasa practice would be recommended.