Minimum Daily Requirement

20-30 minutes (in your home or office)

MDR is a yoga program founded on Ashtanga yoga. It was created by Larry Schultz especially when a full yoga practice is impractical or impossible. This program suits people who work in an office and need a break during or just after work. This short format is also recommended for complete beginners or those recovering from an injury.

MDR is for:

  • anyone who doesn’t have time for a full session
  • anyone who wants to practice yoga more often
  • those with a lower level of ability (stamina, strength) – the session can be adapted for you
  • anyone recovering from an injury.

Benefits of MDR:

  • keeping you in the yoga spirit
  • ideal for waking up your body and mind in the morning
  • ideal for a break during your working day
  • a nice introduction to yoga.