Giving back

AERU (African Elephants Research Unit)

AERU is the first elephant research unit dedicated to optimizing the welfare of captive elephants in South Africa.

Based at the Knysna Elephant Park in the Western Cape of South Africa, AERU has since become a non-profit research trust, dedicated to the advancement and/or dissemination of information relating to all aspects of biology, behaviour and husbandry of African elephants, with particular reference to their welfare and management in captive facilities.

One of AERU’s main objectives is to collect and provide valuable information that may be used to improve the future management of captive elephants both within and beyond the borders of South Africa.

I have been very fortunate to be a volunteer with this wonderful team. They are doing an amazing job. But like many non-profit research trusts, money is always an issue. To continue to help them, I have decided to fundraise through my online classes. For further information please click here or contact me.

If you are interested in AERU, please visit their website ( or even better pay them a visit in South Africa! One of the best experiences ever!


Pens For Kids

Expand your yoga experience by giving your new or used pens and school stationery (please make sure they work) to schools aboard where children cannot afford them. For more information about the charity please visit For more information about the collection please don’t hesitate to ask me directly or by email.