Are you a fighter?

Some of you may have heard about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). If not, it’s basically (sorry for the very short description) a combat sport, where 2 opponents fight in a cage and almost everything is allowed to beat your opponent. I honestly think it’s one of the most violent combat sports I know (I can’t say I’ve ever seen it, because I can’t watch it!).

Why is a yoga teacher talking about MMA? Hey! Have you try to learn patience 😉?
I’ve always loved and respected Martial Arts. When I was a kid, some of my favourite movies were Bruce Lee’s movies. Martial Arts fascinate me. And I even had a go (3 times). I wanted to do the Kata, learn to kick and punch, and I did like it, until I had to fight or pretend to fight… I just couldn’t. It’s fun until it’s real, I don’t want to hurt anyone. Recently, I did some Brazilian Ju Jitsu, but I just kept laughing… I couldn’t take it seriously. I had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it, but I am not sure my partners thought the same. Well, I am definitively not a fighter! But I teach yoga to fighters and I am keen to understand them more. So, I read this book “My Fight Your Fight”, an autobiography of Ronda Rousey, a former Judo champion and a legend in the MMA world. I devoured this book. It was fascinating, because I am just the opposite. Usually we love a character because we identify ourselves with it. That wasn’t the case at all for me here. And the more I read her story, the more I realised I was so different. But I loved it and was amazed because it was something I didn’t know or recognize. She is a pure fighter. And her self-confidence about what she does and what she is, is just unbelievable and very inspiring. Whether you like combat sport or not, or are even interested in them, you should read this book. I wouldn’t say I see things like her and I could disagree on a few things, but that is not the point. The point is, in a way she knows her Self and that is beautiful to read. She knows her Dharma and why she is here. And it made me realise that I am not a fighter and more importantly this is completely ok, and I am fine with that.

I would only give a little warning, if you are a sensitive soul, the fight descriptions can be a bit tough…