Flow State Runner

I want to talk about is “Flow state runner”. Why choose a book for runners and not for yogis? There are some reasons for this. Firstly, it concerns my next workshop, which will be dedicated to runners and cyclists. Secondly, this book is not only for runners. That’s the beauty …

Pens For Kids

Expand your yoga experience by giving your new or used pens and school stationery (please make sure they work) to schools aboard where children cannot afford them. You will find a box to place them in each class I teach. I will collect them for a few weeks before sending …

What’s new?

Mini Yoga Retreat in London. Deepen your practice, experiment new feeling. Please visit Events Yin Yoga Workshop, Mandala Workshop, New program for Cyclists and/or Runners. Please find more here Only few available spots left for he Yoga Retreat in Cyprus! Find more information here

Every person is unique. So it is essential to adapt poses to each individual and practice your Own Yoga. Personalised one-to-one yoga sessions adapted to your needs, a quick yoga session with the MDR, or the fun and intense Rocket session – all in the comfort of your own home!